How to Perform a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

When it comes to security, you never know what might happen. That’s why it’s important to have a periodic cyber security risk assessment in place before anything starts happening. But doing a risk assessment is one thing; actually trying to mitigate the risks is another matter entirely. A lot of times, companies don’t even bother trying. They just take precautions and hope for the best. If you don’t have periodic cyber security risk assessments in place, you are putting the company at risk. 

What is a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

There are three key components of a security risk assessment: threat, vulnerability, and impact. A security risk assessment should identify the threats to the company and then assess how those threats could be exploited. Additionally, you need to identify any potential vulnerabilities in your people (Human Resources), processes, and technology such as information technology (IT) systems, operational technology (OT) systems, and facilities. Finally, you need to consider the impacts of any potential breaches. 

What are the Types of Cyber Security Risk Assessment

There are four main types of security risk assessment: environmental, human resources, physical security, and financial risks. Environmental security risk assessments look at the risks posed by environmental factors such as weather conditions. Human resources security risk assessments look at how vulnerable employees can be to exploitation or theft from the company or customers. Physical security risks assess the physical safety of the premises including access control measures and building lockdown procedures. Financial risks assess how the company is able to meet its financial obligations and protect its assets from creditors.

How to Do a Security Risk Assessment

Once you have identified all of the above components of a Cyber Security Risk Assessment, it’s time to do some actual analysis! To complete a proper cyber security risk assessment, you’ll need to gather data about your target audience (customers), Your target environment (the locations where customers will likely be), Your assets (property or money that may be compromised), Your liabilities (who will pay for damages if something goes wrong), and Your operations (how you’re going to operate if anything goes wrong). Once you have this information gathered, it’s time for planning! You’ll need to create an action plan that outlines each step along the way so that you can actually execute those steps successfully!

How to Prepare for a Security Risk Assessment

In order to create a security risk assessment, you first need to create a plan. This plan should include the following:

  • What information will be included in the risk assessment?
  • What risks will be assessed, and how likely are they to occur?
  • How can these risks be minimized or eliminated?
  • Who will be responsible for completing the assessment, and what qualifications do they have?
  • What measures will be taken to prevent any incidents from happening in the future?

Find the Right Cyber Security Solutions

Once you have your assessment plan, it’s time to find the right cyber security solutions. To do this, you’ll need to identify which types of security services you need and whether or not they’re affordable. You also need to assess the risks associated with each service and make sure that they can be mitigated, transferred, avoided, or accepted. Once you have all of this information, it’s time to start implementing the security solutions chosen.

Evaluate the Cyber Security Solutions Performance

Once you have your assessment plan, it’s time to evaluate how well each solution is performing. You want to make sure that no incident occurs during your assessment, but also that there are no impacts on the company or customers that weren’t anticipated. Evaluating the security solutions is an essential part of creating a risk management strategy.

How to Use a Security Risk Assessment

A security risk assessment is an important tool for companies of all sizes. By understanding the risks and identifying potential threats, you can make informed decisions about how to protect the company.

Use the Cyber Security Risk Assessment to Improve the Company

By using a security risk assessment, you can improve the overall security posture and reduce any potential vulnerabilities. In addition, by taking steps to understand the company’s risks and address them, you can create a more safe and secure environment for the company, employees, and customers.


A cyber security risk assessment is a valuable tool for companies of all sizes. By creating an assessment plan and evaluating the security, you can make informed decisions about how to protect the company against potential threats. Additionally, using a cyber security risk assessment can help improve the company by identifying areas that need to be improved.

How do you perform a periodic cyber security risk assessment?





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