Covert security testing

Covert security testing is a type of security testing that is performed in a stealthy or covert manner, in order to simulate the types of threats that are associated with external adversaries. Covert security testing is typically performed by professional security testers who are hired by an organization to assess the security of its systems and networks.

During a covert security test, the security staff of the organization is typically not aware that the test is being conducted, while the organization’s management is fully aware and has consented to the test. This allows the security testers to simulate the actions of an external adversary and test the organization’s defenses in a more realistic way.

Covert security testing is an important tool for organizations to use in order to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their systems and networks. It allows organizations to simulate real-world threats and test their defenses, helping to ensure that they are prepared to protect against external attacks.

Overall, covert security testing is a valuable tool for organizations to use in order to improve the security of their systems and networks and to protect against external threats.




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