Cryptanalysis is the study of techniques for attempting to defeat cryptographic techniques and information security services provided through cryptography. It involves the analysis of cryptographic algorithms and protocols in order to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be exploited to break the security of a system.

Cryptanalysis can be divided into two main categories:

Mathematical cryptanalysis: This involves the use of mathematical techniques and tools, such as algebra and number theory, to analyze cryptographic algorithms and protocols.

Physical cryptanalysis: This involves the use of physical means, such as Side-channel attacks and fault injection, to analyze cryptographic systems and extract information from them.

Cryptanalysis is an important field of study within the broader field of cryptography and is used to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in cryptographic systems and to develop countermeasures to protect against attacks. It is an essential tool for improving the security of cryptographic systems and for protecting against threats to information security.




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